Samantha McGregor Describes How She Raises the Bar in Digital Entrepreneurship

Samantha McGregor is a digital strategist and email marketing expert who is obsessed with customer success. She is also a self-proclaimed data nerd. She works with female entrepreneurs who are less privileged than the others to bring their business up to standard using targeted campaigns and customer-centric strategies.

First, who are her clients?

Well, her ideal client is willing and ready to start an entrepreneurial journey. Someone who may have faced the kinds of problems she has faced sometime in her life. If you are ready to start an entrepreneurial journey and wish to level up your entire email strategy and make your business more cost-efficient, then Samantha is the right person for you.

But how does she do that?

Some clients come to her discouraged and frustrated about their businesses because of the high costs and low revenue. They find it difficult to keep the business running. Some of them end up losing big opportunities by not utilizing email marketing. Some of them cannot even identify when and what type of messages they should put out to their prospects and existing customers. This is where she comes in. As an expert in the field of email marketing, she makes sure that all these errors are properly corrected. Her clients count on her because she is a solution-driven individual who can always come up with solutions for them. Being a reserved person, she has enough time and the ability to brainstorm with them, come up with the right ideas, and implement them for the success of the business.

What keeps her ahead of others?

Well, her clients are attracted to her passion for the job. She is someone who has passion and drive for what she is doing. She takes her time and dives into strategies, analyzes numbers, and solves any problems that come up along the way. Her clients also appreciate her ability to break down complex and technical information into simpler steps that can be applied to the business. She also builds the trust of her clients so they do not have to go anywhere else. She does that by being honest, open, and straightforward. She is very genuine and transparent. That is what the clients want, so they refer her to others and her clientele list grows daily

 Another thing that separates her from other competitors in the business is her patience and focus. She does not believe in getting rich quickly at the expense of customer satisfaction. To her, business is a marathon, not a sprint so it should not be run rapidly. She tells clients what they need to know and not what they need to hear. Success in digital marketing is not always straightforward. There are trials and errors. She lets them know that there may be a lot of testing to be done before success can be achieved. However, she gives her clients all the strategies that align with their product and business and lets them know about the long-term map to success in their business.

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