Sam Bobrick, the Famous Creator of show “Saved by the Bell” dies at the age of 87

Sam Bobrick was the creator the American sitcom “Saved by the Bell” that aired for four seasons on NBC from 1989 to 1993. The show revolved around the characters Zack Morris and A C Slater. Both of them studied at Bayside High, and both want  Kelly Kapowski’s attention, who is their classmate.

He was born in1932, and he attended the University of Illinois. Further he went on to get his first job in the ABC mail room.. Initially he started off with writing credits for “The Ray Bolger Show,” “Captain Kangaroo” and the game show “Make Me Laugh,”. Soon he landed “Saved by the Bell “, which changed his life entirely.

Sam Bobrick died of stroke at the age of 87. He was at the Northridge Hospital Medical Center. And it was his friend Adam Carl who informed The Hollywood Reporter of this sad news. After his friend’s death Carl gushed over his departed friend and remembered him. He shared that Sam was a writer of the highest order. He wasn’t a snob that did not receive suggestions well. But he toyed with a suggestions, accepted them and wanted to make his work the best. He lacked the ego of an artist.

It isn’t just his art that will be remembered but Carl shared how humorless Sam was. He expressed “He was never not funny!”. And his humour was silly, sometimes absurdist, often self-deprecating.

Other than “Saved by the Bell”  Sam also worked on a bunch of other shows like “The Andy Griffith Show,” “The Flintstones,” “Gomer Pyle: USMC,” “Get Smart,” “Hey, Landlord,” “Good Morning, World” and “Bewitched”. He also has around 40 plays under his name, which is a remarkable feat for a writer.

In his wake, he left his beloved family. His wife Julie, his children and grandchildren are heartbroken over this incident.

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