Salman Yasiin talks Bitcoin, Ethereum, and how to avoid crypto scams

It was recently reported on BBC news that two pensioners lost their entire life savings because of a cryptocurrency scam. Furthermore, Citizens Advice said 36 million adults had been targeted by a scammer so far this year. Of those, 12% were by someone offering a fake investment or get-rich-quick scheme. News of the success of trading cryptocurrencies can be seen all over the internet, but maybe what you don’t see is how many people are actually losing money. Salman Yassin wants to inform the public how they can avoid these scams and make sensible crypto marketing decisions.

Salman first started learning and trading crypto in 2017. Since then, he has seen a lot in the crypto currency space, including the rise and crash in 2018. In 2021 he believes he has an expert understanding and can help others achieve their cyrpto goals. He does mostly his own research using many different sources. He also focuses hard on holding back biases to look at the long term goal. He likes to help others find valuable research in the crypto market, and so offers free advice on his Instagram account.

“The crypto currency space is filled with a bunch of noise”, claims Salman. By this he means people have seen the rise of certain coins such as dogecoin and believe every coin will make them rich, when there are plenty which will do the exact opposite. Salman claims there are two types of coins in the crypto currency space. The first coins have value and can be used in the real world. The second type is deemed completely useless. They serve no purpose but can still gain popularity, therefore increasing the price. Salman believes these are often just ponzi schemes, and you must know how to avoid them. He advises that anyone who is new to the crypto market to look at how the coin can be used and its history. Salman believes the best option is to invest in long term established coins such as etherium, chainlink, hbar, and most importantly Bitcoin.
Salman admits cyrpto isn’t always plain sailing. After his first investment in 2017, he saw huge gains and naively felt it would continue forever. In 2018, the entire crypto market crashed, causing most coins to drop by over 90%. This was a huge test for Salman, who claims he only came out of this situation successfully as he had originally chosen good coins with good history. Eventually, the coins came back up in price. He predicts the crypto market surges every 4 years, allowing people to make good investments in the 3 years inbetween to help them get ahead of the game, and urges newcomers to do the same. Salman ended the interview by saying “If you are coming into the crypto space for a quick money-making scheme, you will get wrecked. Those who excel in any industry do so because they are patient”.

You can visit Salman’s instagram page where he helps point you in the right direction if you are starting out on the crypto market for free. He wants to help steer people in the right direction to avoid the crypto scams all over the internet.

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