Said Ahmad: A lot of Inspiration came from Hip-Hop Music

Said Ahmad who is best known to create content that is widely appreciated by the audience shares how hip-hop music was one of the inspirations for the growth of their social media outing.

Said Ahmad is the man behind Just Sul’s Instagram gimmicks who not only strategises the  content for him but also manages the Instagrammer personally.

While talking about the growth, Said Ahmad says, “When we first started, a lot of the inspiration came from hip hop music, however as we grew and our understanding of social media grew, I discovered that content that people can Relate to or that’s trending succeed the most. So we just try to see what’s relevant and add a creative and funny twist to it!”

Back in 2012, Said Ahmad spent a lot of time in Los Angeles where he happened to meet a few social media influencers and viners who create content that inspired Said and showed him the career opportunity in digital media. Ever since then, Said has been creating the epic and hilarious content that all of us witness via the famous Instagrammer’s account.

During the initial days of his career, Said Ahmad never thought of becoming a comedian and showcase his talent until he met Just Sul. Said Ahmad met Sul for the first time in 2012 in Lusaka, Zambia. They always got along and joked with each other. In 2015, Said moved to Zambia after graduating from university in London and got to know Sul on a more personal level. With Social Media growing, Said Ahmad saw potential in Sul to go viral as a comedian and that’s how the journey began.

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