Roy Gagaza: Protecting Your Portfolio Is Key to Good Financial Planning

Nobody wants to lose money. According to Roy Gagaza, this applies doubly to retirees and pre-retirees with investment portfolios. Gagaza is a Certified Estate Planner (CEP®) and Registered Financial Consultant (RFC®), and the co-founder of Journey Wealth Management. As a longtime financial industry professional, he knows that a poorly protected portfolio is among the biggest threats to anyone’s retirement.

Protecting any investment portfolio is central to effective financial planning and a happy and prosperous future retirement. Gagaza is the pioneering name behind what he and Journey Wealth Management call the WealthWize Way. The WealthWize Way exists around a simple plan to give everyone more confidence about their ability to retire with dignity.

At the method’s core is a unique formula that helps Journey Wealth Management protect clients’ portfolios, minimizing many of the biggest threats to their financial futures. It’s a formula perfectly aligning with Journey Wealth Management co-founder Gagaza’s three keys to a secure retirement.

Roy Gagaza’s Three Keys for Protecting Your Investments

Good financial planning and a well-protected investment portfolio go hand in hand. Furthermore, with these two factors invariably central to a confident retirement, Roy Gagaza believes it’s similarly crucial that you don’t sacrifice your lifestyle, either now or in the future.

The first key to achieving this involves one or more tools to help protect your portfolio without sacrificing growth. With Gagaza, Journey Wealth Management, and their proprietary WealthWize Way system, the first of these tools routinely comes in the shape of a preliminary portfolio stress test.

Key #1: Get a Portfolio Stress Test

Roy Gagaza believes that a stress test is often the best tool in helping to protect existing investment portfolios without sacrificing growth. Such tests are generally the most effective where average rates of return have become a source of confusion or where investors want to understand their risks fully.

They’re also an important tool where consistency of returns is a priority – something central to Gagaza’s WealthWize Way approach to financial planning. At the same time, stress tests are an excellent way to expose possible portfolio threats, both now and down the line.

Key #2: Know Where Your Tax Dollars Go

Similarly important in portfolio protection and general financial planning is to know 100 percent where your tax dollars go. Gagaza lists taxes as one of the biggest threats to anyone’s retirement.

Through each WealthWize Way assessment, he and his team help retirees and pre-retirees to identify how, why, or where they may find themselves liable to pay more taxes than planned, such as through bracket changes, deductions, or new taxes.

Key #3: Develop a Robust Income Plan

Third among Roy Gagaza’s trio of keys for protecting your portfolio is developing an income plan. It’s something that every senior, in particular, must have in place to ensure retirement success.

The Journey Wealth Management co-founder believes a great income plan should show the probability of success, showcase different scenarios, and turn complicated or technical information into something less complex. It should also account for health issues, help to determine social security timings, and more – including how long your money will last.

How Journey Wealth Management Can Help

Led by Roy Gagaza, Journey Wealth Management can help with everything from exposing possible portfolio threats to determining the best ways to minimize taxes in later life. Focused firmly on a happy retirement, outstanding financial planning is at the heart of it all.

Gagaza believes it’s always worth investing a few minutes of your time to learn more, protect your portfolio, and start planning for the retirement of your dreams.

A great place to begin is with a WealthWize Way assessment. The goal is to develop a simple plan that brings confidence and clarity, protects retirees from severe market loss, and ensures family members are cared for.

Want to learn more?  Subscribe to the WealthWize YouTube channel to hear Gagaza discuss the above and more in detail. Alternatively, schedule a call or visit Journey Wealth Management to take the first exciting step toward your dream future today.

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