Roy Gagaza on Taxes and How They Threaten Your Retirement

Award-winning financial professional Roy Gagaza has taught hundreds of pre-retirees and retirees how to preserve their assets, utilize government benefits, increase their retirement income, and reduce taxes. He holds credentials as a Certified Estate Planner (CEP®) and Registered Financial Consultant (RFC®).

Furthermore, he’s not only a veteran in the financial services sector. He’s also a retired veteran who served as an active-duty officer in the military for over two decades. In the years since, he’s grown his firm, Journey Wealth Management, into one of the most successful in the nation.

While his professional achievements are numerous and distinguished, his humility and genuine passion for helping others set him apart from the crowd. To demonstrate, what follows is a closer complimentary look at taxes and how they threaten your retirement, courtesy of Journey Wealth Management co-founder Gagaza.

The Tax-Focused Solution to a Happy Retirement

According to Roy Gagaza, taxes are one of the biggest threats to a successful and happy retirement. Gagaza is the pioneering name behind Journey Wealth Management’s proprietary WealthWize Way. Central to the WealthWize Way approach is making every effort to save retirees and pre-retirees on their taxes.

Gagaza and Journey Wealth Management use the WealthWize Way to help clients improve their financial circumstances by limiting the threats posed by taxes later in life. The certified estate planner believes that if retirees and pre-retirees can improve their tax positions, why shouldn’t they do so immediately?

Gagaza and Journey Wealth Management address this through what they call their Retirement Income Solver.

Journey Wealth Management Retirement Income Solver

Journey Wealth Management’s Retirement Income Solver determines when you can retire and how long your projected retirement income will last and points Gagaza and his team’s ever-growing roster of clients toward different expertly tailored ways to improve matters – starting with taxes.

Roy Gagaza, Journey Wealth Management, and the WealthWize Way’s Retirement Income Solver combine real-life and hypothetical scenarios to demonstrate the plethora of mathematical principles at the heart of what they do.

The biggest takeaway most people gain from a WealthWize Way assessment and Retirement Income Solver insight is the importance of knowing where their tax dollars go in the first place. Knowing this information is vital for portfolio protection and financial planning more generally.

Failure to address where each tax dollar goes can quickly pose one of the biggest threats to anyone’s retirement success if left unchecked.

Preventing the Threat of Taxes in Retirement

Using the WealthWize Way and Journey Wealth Management’s Retirement Income Solver, Roy Gagaza and his team have helped hundreds of retirees and pre-retirees avoid countless tax pitfalls. That includes identifying how, why, or where they may find themselves liable to pay more taxes than planned, such as through bracket changes, deductions, and new taxes.

Gagaza and Journey Wealth Management are ready and waiting to speak personally to retirees and pre-retirees about their retirement goals and concerns, including the myriad threats posed by taxes.

Through conversation designed to help you navigate your retirement journey and efforts to address your biggest challenges, help is at hand via the WealthWize Way. Contact Journey Wealth Management today or schedule a call to arrange your free WealthWize Way assessment.

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