Ronnie Gauthier is Becoming a Dynamic Example in Entrepreneurship

Not everyone finds their calling in life on their first try. When Ronnie Gauthier first considered a career in finance, she had just finished obtaining her Master’s degree and was working as a school psychologist. After her husband, Jay Gauthier Jr., was laid off from his position with the San Dimas Fire Department, he made a career change and turned to the finance industry. Ronnie soon followed in his footsteps.

Ronnie, whose full name is Veronica Gauthier, was born in South El Monte, California. She was raised by her grandmother, who also took care of Ronnie’s four siblings and her older cousin. “[My grandmother] was an amazing woman who struggled to raise us, but loved us more than anything,” said Gauthier. “She taught me that with faith, a positive mindset, and an amazing work ethic, you can do what you want in life.” Once Ronnie began working in psychology, she soon felt out of place. When she saw her husband’s newfound joy in finance, Ronnie decided to take a leap of faith. In 2013, Ronnie and Jay Gauthier opened their own office.

Since taking the risk of switching career fields, Ronnie and her husband have found great success both in both their professional and personal lives. “I know not everyone would enjoy or can work with their spouse, but for us it makes sense and we work so well together,” Gauthier continued. “We help each other grow and it’s very rewarding being able to accomplish our goals together.” Together, the couple and their 150 agents help everyday people with their personal finances – something that has always been rewarding to Ronnie. She feels accomplished in helping people with their future plans.

You can check out Ronnie’s personal Instagram here.

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