Romario, a Basketball Player, is Gaining Popularity for Mixing his Dribbling Skills with Hip-Hop Music

Romario, a basketball player, is making news for posting interesting basketball related videos on Instagram. The Koblenz based personality is mixing his basketball dribbling skills with hip-hop music. Umut, known by the name Romario posts basketball videos with hip-hop beats on his Instagram account. Due to his excellent skills, Romario is receiving a lot of support from many renowned basketball players and hip-hop stars.

Renowned personalities such as Scottie Pippen and P.Diddy have appreciated his work in his videos. Romario believes that he is not a legend but he only aspires to work hard to give the best that he can. Romario developed a passion for playing streetball when he was eight years old. And after taking inspiration from Jordan and the Bulls, he started loving basketball.

He has got training at various clubs and he can do many crazy things in streetball. Romario has taken part in many streetball tournaments such as the And1 challenges. Romario considers Allen Iverson as his role model in dribbling. Romario enjoys over 338K followers on his Instagram account at present and the number is rising continuously.

Basketball players namely Scottie Pippen and Karl Malone have appreciated his work and he has also received a positive response from the rap stars like P. Diddy. According to Romario, he didn’t plan to start an Instagram account as it was only his friend who suggested him to do so. Romario started dribbling a basketball and slowly he started receiving a positive response for his skills on his Instagram account.

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