Renowned actor Kristen Rose’s short film is all set to be showcased at the Golden State Film Festival

Numerous movies are released each year in the USA. In most cases, only a small handful makes it to theatres, while box office success is even harder to come by. People are often very selective about which movies they watch or skip.

This fraction is further divided by those that are loved by a majority of people. No doubt it is a harsh industry to survive in, but people who pursue any career in it are hustlin’ and bustlin’ every day.

Golden State Film Festival is one of the most prestigious film festivals in the country that attracts hundreds and thousands of enthusiasts. Actors and filmmakers wait all year to get their work screened at the festival. Young actor, Kristen Rose who starred in ‘Driven Under,’ is understandably excited to see the short film being screened at the festival in February.

This year’s Golden State Film Festival will be held at the esteemed TCL Chinese Theaters starting in February. On screening ‘Driven Under’ at the film festival, Kristen adds, “When I first heard the movie would be a part of GSFF, I was simply over the moon. It is not only an honor but a great opportunity for me to show my talent to such an incredible jury and audience.”

Kristen Rose got her first break as an actor in the horror-sci-fi film, ‘Perfect’ in 2018, which was produced by Steven Soderbergh and played in select theaters throughout Los Angeles and New York. Since then, she has starred in numerous movies and short films. ‘Driven Under’ is about a man who chooses to redeem himself and make amends after serving time in prison.

The short film is directed by Paul Gennaro, who also appears as an actor in the movie. Kristen received rave reviews for her performance in the flick and was recently named one of the most beautiful actresses in IMDB. She was also seen in the 2019 comedy film ‘My Alien Girlfriend’.

Golden State Film Festival has made many careers in the industry and is one of the most sought-after festivals out there. It has grown year by year and has celebrated movies in the real sense. If you wish to see some of the finest movies that go unseen by a majority of the audiences, Golden State Film Festival is the place to be.

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