Rare and Exquisite: The Story of Nicholas Flathau and Flawless Diamonds Co.

After making his first million at 25, two years later, Nicholas Flathau finds his career graph ever soaring. This never waning success has been propelled by commitment and sacrifices, states the young entrepreneur. We are all set to trace the origin and peak of Flawless Diamonds Co. as we manage a sneak peek into the life of the young entrepreneur and philanthropist.

When Flathau speaks about what places Flawless Diamonds Co. in a league different from its competitors, the advice is something to cherish and preserve. It is intensive research, extraordinary craftsmanship, and faith in the brand that keeps its peculiarity and graciousness alive. Much like the pure, gracious diamonds that Flawless Diamonds Co. shapes to perfection, the story behind is pure and unalloyed too. Always striving to find a direct source for the diamonds and gold, the company perfected the art and science of creating custom jewelry driven by Flathau’s need for organization and excellent. Mentored by his previous jeweler, Nicholas talks about how he believed in the concept of immediate and personal learning and took up to understanding the veneered face of social media marketing.

Flawless Diamonds Co. was created to craft customized perfection that appeals to every buyer. After all, a diamond isn’t an everyday purchase. The company believes in retaining the elegance of the stone and in keeping alive the promising craftsmanship that creates beautiful jewelry. The idea is to create timeless jewelry that stays not only on your body but enraptures your heart. With no inventory charges involved, Flawless Diamonds Co. brings you diamonds that fall comparatively lighter on your pockets, and heavier when topping your finger like a glistening cherry.

The man behind the company also talks about how the quality of the diamonds coupled with hand-craftsmanship sets them apart. It is the willingness, passion to create, and relentless customer service that speaks volumes for Flawless Diamonds Co.

Flathau believes that it is honesty that has driven him to this peak in his career. He emphasizes the importance of having no excuses. When it is a successful business we are talking about, it is customer satisfaction that erects the first step in the tiring ladder. Flawless Diamonds Co. has always worked towards this incessantly demanding goal without sugarcoating required information and exchange. Nicholas reiterates the importance of transparency and believes that there shouldn’t be any hidden costs involved when ideating a custom piece. The company highlights its openness with clients and explains how each one is treated equally. Each buyer is unique and steps in with specific needs, and it is the company’s delight to cater to them in a manner that is unique and memorable. Not merely customized diamond jewelry, it is a bond that one takes home. After all, It isn’t the cost but the camaraderie that counts.

Other than the much-discussed venture, Nicholas has AT&T Franchise and Real Estate under his career canopy. The ever taxing schedule and the ever-rising profits have not caused his deviation from his incipient dream and promise. The once fascinated young man, who was caught in a daze by the dazzling jewelry he bought from Dallas, Texas, remains just as ardent and admiring. Nicholas talks about how he went about acquainting himself with the basic know-how about jewelry crafting before he stepped into the industry. Commitment paved the road to success and he is soon looking forward to launching his very own apparel line.

To wrap it all up, Nicholas clings to the belief that success creeps in only when one has the willingness to make sacrifices. These sacrifices could be weighed out in time with your loved ones and time for yourself. He thinks that one must be determined enough to put in every waking hour to usefulness. It is difficult to not notice that the young entrepreneur is extremely concerned about his community and is persistent and driven about making the ground even for learners and advice seekers. He looks into the education of kids living in a heart-wrenching environment. Apart from this, he maintains a cordial bond with the local church and deprived families that he can extend a helping hand to.

Under Flathau’s instrumental philosophies, Flawless Diamonds Co. continues to create timeless customized jewelry, appeasing customers to the core.

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