Rapper YBC Retro Understands Constructive Criticism

Being an artist is not easy, especially being a successful artist. An artist has to go through varied ups and downs to achieve momentum and success in life. Thus only few people in the society pick up the difficult task of becoming an artist. The life of an artist demands hard work and dedication and is filled with criticism of every kind. Not every criticism is constructive and valid.

Rapper YBC Retro understands this completely. He advises budding rappers to first understand the job of the rapper, the knowledge it requires and then jump into the field. Rapping requires understanding of rhythm, a special skill set and many hours of practice. You need to have an understanding of this unique music, content creation, broad networking, finances, marketing, and much more.

YBC Retro understands this which has led him to  give several hip-hop music hits in the recent years. He has made music including To the Top, Tennis Chains, So Lit, Gimme Some Space, Change on Us, Minute Man, and many others which are available on YouTube, Spotify, Deezer, Soundcloud, and other reputed music streaming platforms.

The artist understands not everyone will like the music he makes as every individual is governed by their own taste in music. Thus the artist does not get bogged down by any negative comment. He also does not mind the controversies built by the haters. YBC Retro believes in his talent and values and is confident that if he does the right work, people who appreciate his music will always be there.

YBC Retro believes in constructive criticism and is open to fans criticizing him for his mistakes or the quality of music as that will make him improve his work. Even when he is a celebrity today he doesn’t mind people advising him over his music. He is all ears for the suggestions given by the fans on his music.

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