Rags to Riches and a Commitment to Help Others Romanian Immigrant, Izabela Hamilton, Focused on Helping Others Achieve Financial Freedom with her Company, Rankbell

San Diego, CA: Standing outside of a Romanian bakery for hours in the freezing cold for hours seemed normal to Izabela Hamilton as a child. But deep down, she knew this was not her destiny. She dreamed of something bigger, and when she was accepted into a Visa program that would allow her to come to America – she jumped at the chance to build something more for herself – and her family.

However, success did not come easy. Hamilton worked through a string of odd jobs – sometimes putting in more than 60 hours per week – to make ends meet, and help support her family still in Romania. Of this experience, she says, “I wanted them to never have to worry about money again. I didn’t care how much I had to work as long as they were happy. I fell asleep crying due to exhaustion, and loneliness, but I knew I couldn’t give up at the first sign of hardship. I was set up to succeed and that’s all I saw.”

Because of this ambition, Rankbell – an Amazon concierge specializing in helping sellers grow their businesses –began with a laptop and a dream to one day help 1 million sellers reach the same goal she had — financial freedom. Established in 2015, Hamilton grew the company from the bottom up and now manages a team of passionate individuals – all united in the goal of helping others. Rankbell team members are proud to play even a small role in their customer’s journey to success, and the company was recently voted as the leading expert in their industry.

Rankbell has already made progress toward Hamilton’s original goal of helping one million people – some of whom started with profits as low as $100 per month – grow their businesses into 7, 8, and sometimes even 9 figures. The company is on track to achieve its mission of helping one million Amazon sellers grow their businesses by the year 2030.

The company began as a ranking service offering only a handful of services but has expanded its offerings to include Rank or Tank service – which assists with product launches – content marketing, PPC management, listing optimization, social media, and help with images and video. All services are designed to help increase Amazon rankings, boost sales, and maximize profits.

For more information on Rankbell services and how they intend to reach their ‘one million served’ goal, reach out to bell@rankbell.com

About Rankbell: Rankbell is an Amazon concierge focused on helping small businesses reach financial freedom – no matter how big the goal! Our services include listing optimization, images, and video, PPC

management, social media, content marketing, and press releases, and ranking services. Founded in 2015, we are on a mission to help 1 million customers achieve success by the year 2030. Will you be one of them? www.rankbell.com

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