Punchmade Records Is The Rising Rap Collective To Keep An Eye On In 2022

The city of origin of the rap sensation Punchmade Dev has seen an influx of hitmakers garnering massive amounts of attention and conversation. Now, with his own record label Punchmade Records, Dev is at the forefront of the Lexington music scene, paving the way for his fellow musicians and label mates. Take a look at them at the links below.

When it comes to making radio-ready records, Baby Jraco always comes through. His most recent mixtape, Guapstar, was released near the end of 2021. Similar to his other albums, this new collection of ten songs is a smash. Some of his songs, like “Yvng Guapstar” and “Southside Swiping,” are instantly recognizable and seem destined to become his most successful works to date.

YNT Staxk has powerful, direct delivery and clever wit. The Lexington native has created a body of art that stands out for its willingness to be unconventional. Staxk makes use of many of the genres or influences in his periphery, fusing them with his intuition and narrative skills to produce something entirely own yet instantly recognized.

YNT Bando hopes to further establish his name recognition this year by traveling and adding new material to his portfolio. Also, it seems that his efforts to create new music are paying off, as he is working on getting his new songs out. He and Staxk are now prepared to take the next step in their careers as independent artists and make a splash online.

Turban Rocket has the talent and drive to become the city’s next major hip-hop sensation. With the help of his music videos, he quickly rose to prominence in his own city, where his hardcore raps had a massive following among middle-class listeners. Turban Rocket is an artist to look out for, with a career spanning back to his adolescent years.

The breadth and quality of Ightkhi‘s music library are undeniable. His clever rhymes and punchlines are entertaining to hear on any given day. The rapper sees “Understaand It” as an inevitable next step for his musical style, despite the fact that it represents a risk. He has slowly amassed a big audience across all social media platforms and is consistently releasing new songs. Ightkhi has the potential to explode into the scene with the help of his next run of songs and guest appearances from his other label mates.

Check out Punchmade Dev’s latest music video below.


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