Prevalence of Male Breast Cancer has Increased Over the Decade

Even though male breast cancer comprise only 1% of the total breast cancer cases it is a thing to worry about. When we talk about breast cancer then we presume it’s a female breast cancer. But over the past few decades there has been an increase in the number of male breast cancer cases.

According to the national cancer database there has been 10,873 cases of Male Breast Cancer from 2004-14. It is surprising that unlike women breast cancer, the male breast cancer is rampant in older men. The average age of diagnosis is 64 years of age. And none of the treated individuals were below the age of 50. If you feel that your cancer is directly related to 9/11 exposure you may be entitled to benefits from the 911 relief fund or the VCF Funding.

Out of the total patients of Male Breast Cancer, 24% receive breast conserving surgery. And 70% follow the radiation therapy to get better.

But as the cases of MBC increased over the last  decade the number of mastectomy also increased. Many researchers noted a steady increase in the rates of total mastectomy and contralateral prophylactic mastectomy. In this case the surgeon removes breast of a patient as a preventive measure to curb the spread of the tumor.

Sometimes the methods weren’t effective and there are many causes for it. The treatment for MBC failed mainly with black men, older patients and people with dire health issues. And the prognosis also failed with those who had higher tumor grade and stage. The failure is also because of lack of knowledge on this field.

MBC is an underrated and ignored disease. Researchers are now trying to search for improved methods to treat the disease.

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