Pastor Mike Signorelli Shares How Prophetic Confirmation Guided Him to Launch V1 Church in New York

As a young pastor in northwest Indiana, Mike Signorelli knew his dream of launching a church in New York City was a long shot. About ready to give up, he received a prophetic word at a conference—a supernatural confirmation, he says—and continued to pursue what seemed to be impossible.

A year later, Signorelli and his wife, Julie, and their two daughters found themselves in New York. The Signorellis now pastor V1 Church, a multicampus church in New York—all because he refused to quit and continued to say yes when God came calling.

“We had this dream, but we didn’t have a team. We didn’t have the finances,” Signorelli told Dr. Steve Greene on a recent episode of “Greenelines” on the Charisma Podcast Network. “It just looked like I was this crazy guy who was trying to do something that just didn’t make sense.

“At the last session of our conference, a guy got up to preach and said, ‘Maybe this is the Holy Spirit leading me, but there is someone that, in the parking lot earlier, had told their wife that their dream was just too crazy. God actually knows you’re not going to give it up. It is going to happen.’ For me, it was like one of those supernatural confirmations where God says it’s not just a pipe dream. So, right in the middle of a pity party, God showed up.

“So, I hope my story encourages people to take one step at a time and just keep moving. I kept saying yes to God. If you keep saying yes to God, then God will be faithful to keep open the doors, will keep giving you provision and keep sending the right relationships to you to guide you with wisdom. If the Holy Spirit keeps nudging you, listen to His voice and take a risk every single day and watch what happens.”

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