Organized Crime World Hit Again As Police Officials Barge Into Xrypt’s Encrypted Network

By decrypting Xrypt phones used for notorious activities, 23 criminals are rounded up, more to follow. 

There have been a host of instances when authorities have stepped in at the right time and saved many situations which could have spurted into disasters. Belgian police derailed one such arm of criminals associated with drugs, murders and illegal arms dealing. Xrypt, known for its highly secured encrypted framework, was taken to task when police officials decoded the communication channels used by suspected criminals, resulting in raids to their hideouts and arrests. Around 23 criminals suspected to be involved in illicit activities have been rounded up following the track of their movements, which were monitored through the communication of their encrypted phones.

According to sources, those arrested have been majorly involved in possession of drugs and weapons, with some even suspected of committing murders. The acting authorities have unleashed their technical expertise in recovering the wiped chat messages and notes, which opened up the can of worms. These gangsters were zeroed in through their phone’s IMEI number and cellphone tower tracking. Xrypt’s devices falsely advertised IMEI changing options to its users, majorly these criminals, which led to them being cornered. These encrypted devices called for high subscription fees, which a majority of criminally inclined minds opted for, leading to them being tracked down and arrested.

The decrypted notes carried confidential information and details of distributors and clients of these crime lords and also had discreet information about drug deals and murder plots which were monitored closely by the Belgian police before taking them for a surprise. The operation was similar to the one conducted on Sky ECC network back in 2021, which also operated in a similar manner. What worked against these criminal minds was Xrypt’s encrypted phones which copied their messages onto their network which were closely monitored by the law enforcement agencies. Officials say that this is just the tip of the iceberg and much more is in store which will come out in front of the public domain soon. According to sources, a lot of information has been retrieved so far and further arrests are lined up in the coming days.

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