Organic Food, Golden Life with Spicy Organic LLC

A long time ago, people were obsessed with fast food because it had been invented then. They were fascinated with the speed and ease at which the food was prepared. As time passed and health problems increased, it revealed that the food consumed was processed and unhealthy. It contained certain preservatives and chemicals that made it fatal if consumed after some time. So, people started moving towards fresh grown and made foods. Today, healthy eating is not just a choice but has become a lifestyle.

The people of the world have observed a shift in perspective regarding eating habits. From ingredients to processing, people want to know each and everything that is associated with their food. Health issues such as diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, heart disease, and stroke are consequences of consuming having poor nutrition. People have become so habitual of grabbing fast food on-the-go that it is nearly impossible to try to eat healthily. Many nutritionists and doctors advise cooking food at home with freshly sourced ingredients to overcome this persisting issue. This has resulted in an increase in the demand for organic ingredients, which has pushed many companies to sell organically grown ingredients. Among them, one name that tops the list is Spicy Organic LLC. Based in Texas in the States, this company is renowned for its high-quality spices, teas, herbs, and essential oils.

Spicy Organic LLC is owned by Sunil Kumar and his business-oriented family. The business began in India’s small city, where the family sold spices at a local store. Their spices were organically grown since the beginning. The family was adamant that no additives, chemicals, or pesticides would be used while farming. They knew that it would damage the quality and taste of the spices and so avoided using them. As their business progressed and their spices got great feedback, the family decided to expand. Today, Spicy Organic LLC is successfully running its branches all over the USA.

In a very short span of time, Spicy Organic LLC was competing with the world’s top spice producing and selling companies. The family was exploring new methods to make their business grow. After thorough research, the family decided to debut the international market and chose the US to have their headquarters and so they decided to move to Texas. Setting up a business in a new country, away from their farms, was not easy. It involved completing a lot of responsibilities and legal formalities. From getting a certified organic certificate and importing license to finding the right suppliers who were skilled at exporting products worldwide without damaging them, it was indeed a struggle.

Moving to the States at that time was a good decision as the demand for organic products was beginning to increase. People were becoming more and more health-conscious and wanted products that were grown organically. Spicy Organic LLC’s organically sourced ingredients from organic farms brought a sense of relief among the customers. Their products had a unique color, taste, and aroma, which is unachievable with inorganically grown products. These features set the company apart from the others and easily caught the limelight for having its products grown organically. Americans’ new obsession with making food at home and using the best organic products turned out to be a great chance for the spice company to grow. As Spicy Organic LLC did not have any major Asian company to compete against, they established themselves in the States quite easily. Today, Spicy Organic LLC is worth $1.2 million and competes with the leading spice brands in the US and all over the world. Their products are liked by many and have found a permanent place in American households. Their best-selling products include organic cinnamon, cardamom, black pepper, turmeric, organic Withania, somnifera, ashwagandha, herb aloe vera, and organic Phyllanthus Emblica (amla).

After getting a positive response from the international audience, Spicy Organic LLC decided to add more to its product line. In addition to spices, they introduced a range of aromatic teas, herbs, and essential oils that were pure too. The long-lasting effects of their product and epic taste spoke for themselves. The fact that people found themselves coming back for more was an indicator that their products were being liked by the masses. Recently, Spicy Organic LLC won the ‘Freshco Dry Fruits Market’ award in 2019 and the ‘Quality Vendor of the Year’ award.

The business decisions made by the business family are truly exceptional and set a great example of making the most out of every opportunity. Spicy Organic LLC’s journey from a small city in India to become the leading spice brands is worth being narrated and sets an excellent example of;

Always do your best. What you plant now, you will harvest later.

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