Nidal Rasheed Elaborates on How His Company Helps Others and Talks about the Distinguishing Trait that Sets His Business Apart.

With years of experience in the property industry, Nidal has helped hundreds of Australian families get on and move up the property ladder. His company focuses on providing financial freedom to clients through property investing. ‘Silvertail’ helps investors build an affordable, multi-property portfolio meanwhile also maximizing tax benefits and minimizing any risks involved. Nidal has invested his expertise in his company and imparted his wisdom to his talented team rather well, as the company successfully devises a strategy that doesn’t weigh too much on the client’s pockets and also sets them up for retirement. ‘Silvertail’ ensures that extensive research and due diligence are involved to help the client find the right property that is perfectly suited to their needs.

Nidal aims to help aspiring investors create long-term wealth through targeted property investment strategies without falling prey to costly mistakes. Moreover, his vision of growth constitutes having positive affluence on his clients, so that they end up positively influencing their communities in return.

The trait that sets ‘Silvertail’ apart is the quality of getting any job done that might seem too difficult for its competition. The company’s main attention is on the quality of projects that they attend to rather than just compete for business.

“We are top performers in our industry and have a reputation for being able to get the job done when others may find difficult. Whilst other companies are competing for business, we have an attraction model that allows us to be selective over what projects we take on and what clients we work with” says Nidal Rasheed.

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