National Floors Direct Gives Five Warning Signs for Flooring Replacement

When do floors need to be replaced? National Floors Direct reviews key signs.

Flooring is a staple element in the home. In recent announcements, National Floors Direct explained how a homeowner could determine whether or not their flooring needs to be replaced. The company has spent the past 17 years helping people find brand-name flooring options at a fraction of the typical cost. They provide a free in-home estimate and promise to beat competitor pricing by 15% or more.

In a recent blog post, National Floors Direct reviews several key signs that new flooring was needed.

Noticeable signs of deterioration: When flooring starts to peel, bubble, crack or unravel, it is time to replace it. One of the most evident signs of needing a new carpet is when your old carpet looks bad, says the brand.

Discolored floors: When flooring gets too light from sun damage or too dark from dirt, it is time to replace it with something fresher. Severe staining from pets, food, or mold could be another reason to replace flooring. National Floors Direct says that not all discoloration problems can be cleaned out, making the flooring look dirty or aged.

High levels of upkeep: Old flooring is harder to care for. When the upkeep is too much, it may be time to upgrade to something that is easier to care for. National Floors Direct suggests luxury vinyl tile as a cost-effective flooring solution that doesn’t need special care to look great.

As part of a renovation project: Sometimes, it’s best to do the flooring with everything else. Even if your floors aren’t in terrible shape, a renovation will make the space look fresh and revitalized. Doing a renovation with old flooring can sometimes result in a let-down. Not only will new flooring complete the look of the renovation project, but it will also allow the homeowners to be less careful about spilling or messing up the floor during the process.

To reduce noise: Noisy flooring can be a nuisance, National Floors Direct explains. You may feel like you have to walk on eggshells not to wake people up when you are moving around the house at night or in the morning. Sometimes, noise occurs because the subflooring nails are starting to come loose, and it needs to be stapled down. Other times, the noise may indicate water leaks or uneven surfaces.

Bad odor: If you can’t get a musty or stagnant odor out of the home, it may be because the floor padding is damaged. Water can also get under hard floors and cause mold or mildew growth as well. If pets previously lived in the home, accidents in the house could lead to smells you can’t get out—even with professional cleaning.

National Floors Direct helps homeowners invest in flooring solutions that are better for their space. Even before offering low pricing for great flooring through direct sales to the customer, the founders of National Floors Direct operated floor covering stores for decades. With over 75 years of experience in the industry, homeowners can trust National Floors Direct to provide them with quality service.

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