Nathan Khider – From bachelor to homeless and now fearless

Having recently read an article about his life, I wanted to dig a little deeper. I wanted to really understand why he did what he did to help himself get back on his feet after being homeless. 

Nathan says “I was recently questioned by some of my family about why I didn’t go and ask for help instead of driving sex workers around to make a living, and the truth is that I was too afraid that they wouldn’t actually help me. Truth be told, I did ask for help once before and got knocked back so decided that I couldn’t ask again. It’s easy for them to say now that I ‘should have asked’ but back then they clearly either didn’t want to help or perhaps it was just that I didn’t explain how bad the situation was. 

In discussing my last issues more recently with them, the important question posed to me was ‘Why?’ so I told them that I simply did what I thought was right at that time and to be honest it could have been very different, for example selling drugs or even stealing. At the time all you think about is surviving, not what people are going to think or how they will judge you 16 years later when the truth is all you care about is feeding yourself and putting a roof over your head. Of course, I don’t want people thinking that my advice is to do what I did but I do want them to know that no matter how bad things are, there is always a way out, just don’t steal or do anything that can hurt you or others around you. It’s funny when people say to me, “wow, I never knew you were homeless”, it’s not something I reveal whenever I meet people, however I do like to share my experiences as I believe it can help others to believe that anything is possible. I am a firm believer of that, but you also have to believe that you can achieve whatever you want but understand that you have to be the one to go out and get it. You might look at my social media and say that I’m a show off or I’m flash and that may be your opinion which doesn’t bother me, however I don’t post pictures of my cars or possessions to show off, I do it to inspire anyone looking to achieve what I have achieved so far. If I can do it, anyone can and if I don’t inspire you or you don’t like my stories then you are free to stop following me.” 

You can follow Nathan Khider on his Instagram @nathankhider or visit his website

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