Music as Medicine: Ernesto Gaita’s Way of Healing the Soul

Ernesto Gaita is a young artist from Toronto, Ontario. He specializes in making lo-fi beats combined with harmonies to take listeners into deeper levels of thought that unlock the answers to their hardest questions. Gaita is a wizard of the lo-fi world, making music that provides therapy and inspirations for individuals across the globe.

Mindful. Entrancing. Flow. Those are the three words that Gaita uses to describe his music. Gaita said that one of his biggest inspirations for making music is mindfulness. He explained he wants to allow people the opportunity of “tapping into the depths of consciousness with beats that allow listeners to explore their issues in a calm and collected way. When they finish the track, they have the answers they need.” This is one of the major goals of mindfulness: being able to approach and solve the problems in your life. Music is a great introspective tool to use when trying to get to the bottom of personal issues, and Gaita exemplifies that.

This style of music will be on full display in Gaita’s new release this spring. “I wanted to create something that will help anyone be elevated yet calm to a place to find clarity,” Gaita said. His new project will be a lo-fi mix that consists of up to ten hours worth of music. Mindfulness On Repeat is the name of the much-anticipated release. Be on the lookout for its release!

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