MUNESHOT Debut Album “All Day” Sees Success and new tour

The successful “All Day” singer’s album took the internet by storm when he released it in late 2019. Within the album he talks about all the hardships that came with growing up as a young star in the spotlight including being bullied in school for being different. He quotes.“I was just always so different, I’ve always had a passion whether it’d be for music or for movies and filmmaking, kids always had problems with it.

Being bullied and all of the hate made me stronger, and I really dive deep into my thoughts and feelings about this in the album. Feels good to know that all of my past worries now can help other people and kids to not feel alone.

That is definitely one of my favorite parts about doing music.”His distinctly mixed genre style has this album in so many different feels. From his very fast paced upbeat song“All Day”to a mellow vibe on his heartfelt track“From The Time Outro” dedicated to his mother Jamie Lane, the album captures his whole story in a roller coaster sound from Pop and R&B to hip hop it’s all here.

His record garnered over 100k streams within a few weeks of release and fans and music goers were not only loving the songs but in awe of his story. He recently announced a tour for summer 2020 titled “The ALL DAY Tour” you can see him coming to a city near you.

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