Multidisciplinary Facilities Can Improve Healthcare Outcomes and the Upcoming District Health Care Services Medical Complex in Washington D.C. Will Indeed Serve This Need

The American healthcare system needs to be clearer and more manageable. Different services are offered by various practitioners, often in separate facilities, requiring a lot of back and forth on the part of the patients.

Despite the nation being a global power, its healthcare scores somewhat poorly due to rising care costs, poor access to healthcare, and declining service quality. Also, not being able to offer integrated care is another major issue that restricts the sector from aligning with the ever-evolving circumstances.

On the flip side, facilities concentrating on offering multidisciplinary care for better healthcare outcomes are the way to go. Their concept is to bring together a group of professionals from different fields to determine a cohesive action plan for every patient. Multidisciplinary teams invalidate the silo mindset and encourage collaboration to balance the transfer of patients among various care providers.

District Health Care Services, a Washington, D.C.-based healthcare facility, is determined to provide services that change lives. It is all set to open up its all-new area’s first state-of-the-art medical complex offering a holistic, patient-centered approach to well-being.

“We are passionate about treating people rather than “patients. Hence, our multidisciplinary healthcare facility will focus on all aspects of the individual because people are much more than the sum of their symptoms, illnesses, or problems.” mentions Dr. Freya Spielberg, Founder of Urgent Wellness, who has collaborated with the organization to deliver outstanding comprehensive care in the area.

As of now, District Health Care Services provides numerous services, from behavioral health to medical and spiritual. The facility consists of qualified doctors, independent health workers, registered nurses, licensed part-time psychiatrists, and other staff exhibiting exceptional, multidisciplinary teamwork while providing quality care and improved patient satisfaction at reasonable care costs.

Multidisciplinary care facilities like the soon-to-be opening establishment by District Health Care Services can immensely benefit our health systems. Not only is there a goal to provide excellent care, but also to align and integrate different systems for patients’ convenience.

Where the traditional setup can cost the patient their time, energy, and resources, a multidisciplinary practice does the exact opposite. An interdisciplinary team works on defined tasks and responsibilities. They possess a high level of professionalism, industry know-how, and expertise in their particular fields. Plus, each patient is on an individual recovery journey, and experts help them reach this common goal.

District Health Care Services also extends community support to anyone seeking help so they can address their needs and afford care. This level of human service drives forward the current social and healthcare context, prioritizing the health and safety of patients through effective teamwork, consisting of diverse specialists, overcoming the barrier of patients being bounced off between different medical professionals and agencies. Such well-constructed, resource-rich collaborative healthcare centers can definitely further the American healthcare landscape.

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