Mohamed Abdelhay Is Carving A Niche As A Multi-Talented Creative Professional Digital Creator

At the young man of 24, Mohamed Abdelhay has gained massive popularity with many followers on Instagram. He has successfully established himself as a talented artist, Digital creator, influencer, photographer, digital marketing expert and philanthropist.

Born and brought up in the ancient city of Giza in Egypt, Abdelhay is well known for his philanthropy and creative pursuits. Abdelhay is widely-known for adding a new dimension to digital art, computer graphics, and Digital art. 

Abdelhay also trains young artists specializing in their core areas of competence. He always suggests his followers on Instagram to specialize in their desired field of creativity as the current era is strictly the time of specialization.

In Digital art, Abdelhay has carved out a place for himself by creating his own independent identity in the digital restoration of old and distorted photographs. 

He is currently doing some editing with a lot of famous artist ,photographers and models and also doing some creative digital art.

Abdelhay has a very strong presence on Instagram, which is regularly flooded with various messages and requests from his fans and followers who seek Abdelhay’s guidance on their career and art-related questions.  

At a young age, Abdelhay has emerged as a philanthropist. He restores the old and defaced photographs like new with colour, graphics and background scenario, thus making them look just like new ones. He feels such old photographs have great sentimental values and nostalgia for the family members.

Often, people request him to restore them. He, subsequently, restores them without charging anything thus making it a part of his philanthropy. 

Abdelhay completed his Diploma in Digital Art and Graphic Design and also a Bachelor’s Degree in Business from the MSA University. 

In the years to come, Abdelhay may emerge as a great philanthropist besides being a digital expert. 

Check his journey:

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