Mia Plays, the First Woman Who Started Streaming in Iran, Decided to Give Us Her Time!

If you are interested in streaming games, you need to be a professional gamer at many different games, especially the ones that are popular among games.

You have to show your fans and others that you are passionate about developing game users and make them love playing.

Today we have an interview with Mia Plays, one of the best streamers who love and spend most of her time playing games. We talked about her life and some of her memories about streaming.

-Hello Kimia, I hope you are having a good day.

Would you please introduce yourself?

+ I’m Kimia Ravangar, but the internet knows me as Mia from my Youtube, Twitch, and Instagram Mia Plays, where I make and share content about pretty much all of my interests in life;

gaming, vlogs, and lifestyle!

– Aha! So, we all know that you are unique in your job.

What do you think distinguishes you from thousands of people who create content, stream, and make videos?

+ Although I know I still have a lot ahead of me, I’m pretty proud of where I started being the first Iranian female Youtuber in gaming and entertainment. There were so many obstacles in my way that I had no idea how to tackle them at first.

But through time and experience, I learned a lot and hoped to be able to give hope and inspiration to every girl in Iran who wants to step foot in a male-dominated industry and is afraid.

– let’s talk a bit about your memories of streaming! What is your earliest memory of gaming?

+ My brother and I had a Sega Genesis which was my absolute favorite thing in the world. We would play Sonic on it a lot. I also played Pocahontas since I was and still am a huge Disney fan.

– The last question is beneficial for new streamers.

What advice do you give to others who want to start streaming?

+ Be yourself! I know it’s hard at first, but it works best!

– Thanks a million for giving us your time.  It was an interesting chat.

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