Mercedes is All set to Test Car-to-X Technology on Wintry Road

Mercedes-Benz is going to test Car-to-X communication on snow-covered roads. If the test passes, it would boost the car tech in the future. Car-to-X technology is the communication between vehicles and transport infrastructure and it uses the onboard sensors like radars and cameras. The German luxury carmaker Mercedes-Benz has been working on Car-to-X technology for ten years. The company will make a cooperation with the district of Zollernalb to test the communication technology on wintry roads.

For the test purpose, the company has equipped the technology in the cars and the Live Traffic Service activation will provide the necessary data. Sensors fixed onboard will check slippery road conditions and send the information such as GPS data to the Daimler Vehicle Backend in real-time. It will use a mobile radio network to send information. The collected information will be displayed in real-time on digital maps in the two road maintenance depots of the Zollernalb district.

For the second phase of the test, public service vehicles like police vehicles will be part of the test. The automaker has hinted, this pilot project will start in the first month of the next year and it will run until the winter ends. Michael Hafner, the Head of Driving Technologies and Automated Driving at Daimler, said that Car-to-X technology will be proven very helpful. It will allow us to improve safety in various driving situations. With this seamless integration of the Car-to-X system into the vehicle system, passengers can detect slippery road conditions automatically.

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