Mental health to Mental Chef, Rebecca Mcallister shows skills in the kitchen

Dad The Dish, has streamed millions of views across YouTube through various self-taught cooking techniques and recipes with fans going crazy for his latest choice in business, Live influencer Cooking classes.

‘Covid cooking’ has become a household favourite with shelves clearing across international stores for all things baking whilst lockdown continues into 2021 and one person who’s caught his eye is non-other than playboy model Rebecca Mcallister, it seems she didn’t disappoint.

Thousands of viewers clocked in during the Live stream to watch Rebecca who vows it was her first EVER time in control of a kitchen learn how to cook ‘crispy chilli beef’ alongside the YouTube superstar.

Viewers were left in hysterics, as she prepared to cook up one of the worlds most popular dishes in a bid to boost fans mental wellness.

The model’s hilarious attempt at cooking consistently included identifying peppers as a fruit instead of a vegetable, pouring herself an alcoholic drink and forgetting to add ingredients to the main course.

Streaming Via Instagram TV It seemed the glamour model didn’t disappoint and her skills are more than just lingerie with viewers rating her 10/10 for entertainment and 7/10 for effort with one viewer commenting ‘she’s just made my day, How hilarious’ another left ‘Bless her, she really didn’t know how to turn the cooker on’.

Whilst Dad The Dish jumped to the show defence as some of the fans grew restless, the overall result was one to give even our UK’s most famous chefs a run for there money and the duos are amongst everyone’s names for future collaborations. It’s a 10/10 from us and we cannot wait to see more.

Dad The Dish’s Instagram TV ‘crispy chilli Beef’ link is available to view here

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