Meet Twiggii Quinn, The Multi Talented Musician, Who Definitely Deserves To Go Places

Musician Twiggii Quinn has always dreamt of becoming a ballet dancer. She was only four when she started wearing the ballet shoes and whirling her way towards her dream of becoming a proficient dancer one day. But the dream was broken at the age of 16 when she met with an injury and she had to give up on her dream of becoming a ballet dancer for once and all.

Twiggii Quinn was heartbroken but determined to not give up. Music brought her again from her anxiety and she decided to perform onstage as a musician. Today she has her own Youtube channel where she uploads cover songs and her own original compositions. In the independent scene she is quite popular with a lot of local events, pubs, artist spaces inviting her to perform. The audience loves her whether she performs LIVE or through the videos she uploads on her channel.

At the age of 16 she started performing with metal band, Wardroom, as their lead singer and violinist. The talented artist had been learning violin since the age of 8 and the violin gave her the limelight she totally deserved. Twiggii Quinn then discovered Opera music and fell in love with it. She realized she has an innate talent for it. At the age of 21 she joined a gospel choir. She was driven to make it into a profession which led her to change her music style and restart her music career.

You can listen to her songs and connect with her here:

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