Meet Top Online Fitness Business Coach, Sean Garner

As a fitness professional, it’s clear you are passionate about health and fitness, and even more so about aiding others to become the healthiest version of themselves they can be. Yet it’s also quite clear that this may come at the expense of creating a truly wealthy life for yourself, not only in the financial sense, but that sense of fulfilment that comes with helping others through your true passion. This is no fault of your own. In fact, the reality is that many personal trainers are simply bound by time constraints. There simply aren’t enough hours in a day to take on enough clients without overworking yourself, or giving them the proper attentiveness that they need. So, it’s easy to see why many fitness trainers simply can’t support themselves in this industry on a full-time basis. Well luckily for all the fitness professionals out there, Sean Garner has a way for you to fulfil both your financial and personal goals in this industry.

With over 11 years in the fitness industry, Sean is one of the few trainers in the industry generating more than 6-figures through coaching clients. In an industry where the average trainer only brings in around $40,000 a year, this seems like an impossible thought to comprehend. Now to add to that impossibility, imagine if I told you he wasn’t even having to put in the 70 hour work weeks of constant PT session after PT session. How on earth is he doing this you ask? Simple, Sean decided to embrace the world of online fitness coaching. And he wants to help others do the same. 

With years of experience in gym development, Sean has also owned multiple fitness facilities, grown an in-person 6-figure personal training business, and worked as a General Manager for a luxury, multi-million dollar per year fitness concept in Miami that exploded in growth and popularity under Sean’s leadership. He’s created multiple successful digital products including online training programs, DVDs, streaming workouts and has reached hundreds of thousands of people with his videos, podcasts, and online platform. Men’s Health Magazine has named him one of the ‘Top Trainers in the World’ and is now writer and fitness advisor for Men’s Health Magazine. “None of this would have been possible if I hadn’t walked away from managing and operating gym facilities, and working 70hr work weeks,” he says. “Creating an online coaching business has not only enabled me to further my reach and aid more people around the world, but it’s given me the power to create multiple 6-figure digital streams of revenue while working from home, simultaneously presenting opportunities I could never have foreseen and giving me the freedom to spend more time with my family,” Sean says.

Through his company, Entrefit, Sean now mentors, coaches, and develops strategies to aid fitness professionals looking to add their own streams of revenue in the digital fitness space, avoid burnout, and create a life of freedom. Passionate about teaching and inspiring fitness professionals, he travels around the world speaking to fitness pros on the subject of digital fitness and taking their lives and impact to the next level.

So, are you a gym owner or personal trainer wanting to add online training as part of your services? Let Sean help you out, and book in a free fitness business blueprint strategy call with him here.

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