Meet Scott D. Clary, the man creating waves in the world of startups & podcasting

He has risen to the top as an entrepreneur, internet personality, podcast host, and marketing executive.

It is always amazing to learn more about all those people who never shy away from taking risks and working towards their life purpose. This is definitely easier said than implemented, but a few rare gems have done exactly that and showcased their A-game to the world in all that  they have chosen to do in their careers and life. Such is the life story of Scott D. Clary, the man who has been making a lot of buzz since the past few years in the world of business and marketing.

Wondering who is Scott Clary? Let me tell you that this Canada-born young man has enthralled the world with his skills and excellence as an educator, entrepreneur, author, podcaster, speaker, and internet personality. He has made it huge in the world of sales and marketing and currently is Chief Executive Officer of a health technology & wellness organization, OnMi Patch.

He has sold and marketed to some of the most iconic Fortune 500 and Fortune 100 brands throughout his career, and his work has been featured in over 100+ news sites and publications. Scott is a global speaker at industry conferences and has had articles and insights featured in Forbes, Wall Street Journal, Hackernoon, The Startup, and many more.

In addition to his many published works, Scott is also the host of the Success Story podcast, part of the HubSpot Podcast network, where he regularly interviews inspirational people, mentors, and leaders, and the founder of ROI Overload, a daily business newsletter.

Scott looks to people who display perseverance, grit, tenacity, and curiosity for business growth and entrepreneurship. When asked about his mission, Scott responded, “What I’m trying to do is to create content, which will, in turn, lead to a community of people that try and better themselves and upskill themselves through those personality traits that will, in my opinion, allow them to be successful at whatever it is they try and do in their life.”

One of Scott’s biggest achievements is discovering how to monetize a side hustle without jumping into it and quitting a job. Scott left working full-time for a company to start his own entrepreneurship dream with his company.

After he found a startup that he really liked, Scott learned marketing from a variety of sources. Of course, like most major influencers, the Gary Vaynerchuks of the world, and other people who build incredible personal brands, Scott wanted to share his discoveries with the world, hence the creation of his podcast.

Here are Scott’s three tips on the easiest way to build that brand you want:

  1. You want to have a consistent social calendar, and you want to put content across all of your different social mediums.
  2. Give people a reason to listen to you
  3. Bring in experts that already do have audiences when you are unknown.

“I thought the podcast would be a great medium to explore for building a personal brand in the business space,” Scott said when asked about his podcast show, Success Story. “I did everything myself from understanding how to produce a podcast, video editing, audio editing, booking guests, and eventually finding ad sponsors and whatnot for growing the show, it was just a combination of all the marketing and sales experience I’ve had over my career mixed with a whole bunch of just figuring it out.”

Scott emphasizes the value of cross-pollination across multiple platforms, mentioning that money goes where the attention of viewers goes, stating, “If you help enough people like you will, you will never go hungry.” Testing and seeing what types of content resonate with your audience is also key to monetizing your brand.

If you want to monetize your personal brand, Scott’s advice is simple: just start. Most people who want to build their brand quit too early.

If you are curious to learn more secrets to success and learn from the wisdom of Scott Clary, click here and discover how you can monetize your personal brand and grow your side hustle into a full-time opportunity.

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