Meet Magda Delgado: An ace Author and Writer taking the world of writing to the next level

Magda Delgado’s passion and dream of releasing her first-ever book has come true, treating many avid readers right to an inspirational experience.

The struggle and emergence of many new young budding professionals across diverse sectors of the economy have been a testimonial for millions of others to see, learn, and replicate the same success stories in the future. The world has seen many examples of passionate and spirited individuals who have defied all odds and emerged victorious in the end, all thanks to their never dying spirit, dedication, and resilience. The onset of the 21st century has seen the growth and popularity of many digital tools and services, which now have become an integral part of our daily lives. Among many different niches, there is a diverse target audience for writing and book reading. Even in our current times, where there have been many new digital advancements and advents, many millions still wish to pick up a book and read. There have been many renowned authors who have released millions of books for people around the world to read. We came across a multi-faceted professional who has been an astute writer, poet, and author, Magda Delgado.

Born in Santiago, Cape Verde, Magda immigrated to the U.S. at the age of four and has been in Pawtucket, R.I., ever since. Magda has been a survivor through the initial days of her life. She faced a lot of childhood trauma and focused on writing books and poems as a coping mechanism. Even listening and composing to music and dancing gave her immense pleasure, and helped ease her pain. After watching Sesame Street and Barney to learn English, Magda soon started to write poems in elementary school and would walk around with her poetry book everywhere, which gave her a lot of comfort . After getting pregnant at the age of 17 years old , Magda graduated high school with honors and was a member of the national honor society. She further went on to complete her medical assistant training while caring for her newborn and got hired immediately after. From being a secretary to a billing and coding specialist, medical assistant, and finally a supervisor, Magda hustled hard to gain much recognition for her work. Even after going through many financial, mental, and emotional burdens, Magda started the X-ray program at CCRI and graduated with high honors. Immediately after graduation she went on to complete the MRI program.

Magda’s inclination towards writing and penning down poems has been something that has given her a lot of peace and solace. Not giving up on her dreams, Magda fulfilled her childhood wish and published her first book. The entire book writing and release was made more special as it was a family project where Magda’s husband took the photos for the character animations. The middle son acted as the main character in the story. The baby of the family even made a short cameo on one of the pages, and her 15-year-old son, Jovani, was a co-illustrator for the book and illustrated the backgrounds for the entire book. Magda’s book takes a deep dive and shares many insights about the power of affirmations and self-love. Magda opines that self-love is something that truly should be taught and practiced from an early age. Magda says, “it’s important that we empower children as much as possible as we learn from our past.”

With a vision and objective of changing the world one book at a time, Magda Delgado marches ahead, carving a special place and niche for herself in the writing world. She wishes to use her story to motivate survivors and to remind them that they are not their past. The past does not define them.



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