Meet DJ Rebuttal: The DJ That Can Sing

Mccoy Leigh, better known as DJ Rebuttal, has been making music since he was a kid. Not growing up in a very musically involved household at all, DJ Rebuttal had to learn everything for himself. “I remember telling my mom that I wanted to get voice lessons. She thought it was weird at first, but she did end up paying for them,” said DJ Rebuttal. 

DJ Rebuttal made his debut to all streaming platforms not too long ago, releasing 4 different singles. The unique thing about DJ Rebuttal is his ability to sing aside from lighting it up on stage. Something not many DJs are able to say they can do. 

Most recently DJ Rebuttal released “Flavor”, a smooth R&B jam about one of his past relationships. “That song was a hard one to write,” said DJ Rebuttal. “It’s just so real.”

The DJ has plans to release new music soon.

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