Meet Diego Maciel – The Most Popular South America DJ of Today’s Time

Who is Diego Maciel?

Whether he’s behind the decks or behind the scenes, Diego Maciel is one of those people who simply makes things happen. An Uruguayan native who’s now travels around South America, many people first got to know him as a local deejay, which spent his time playing at local clubs. Some years passed, and Diego started producing new melodies and tracks. Also been a fixture at Radio, and he’s currently launching his new single “Blue”.

Stunning Diego was born in Montevideo, Uruguay, on July 15, 1995. The 24-year-old started playing music when he was only fourteen and nowadays in large music festivals such as “We Color Festival” (Argentina), P12 (Brazil), “NYE BOX Party” (Uruguay) and “Crush Power Music” (Chile).   

You can find the DJ posting on his instagram about his lifestyle, next gigs, new single and material coming soon,  which he describes as “I actually have a lot to drop and its very different, I’m trying to gain attraction as an artist as the music is different to what I would play live”.

He was awarded for being the best DJ of his country in 2019. Now he is producing new stuff to release soon for our ears. Diego revealed that the only thing that drives him to make more music is the fact that he loves to make people happy. He further mentioned that his first big work was back in 2019, which he did perfectly and is proud of even today. People listen to his music and forget about their problems for a while, and that is what tempts him to make more and better music. He will take his music and energy to other levels and be part of upcoming festivals around the world.

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