Meet Brandon Santana – Founder of the Policy Engine System

Brandon Santana is a 22-year-old entrepreneur from Los Angeles California. As a young child, he always knew he wanted to be an entrepreneur and not follow the traditional path of just going to college and getting a 9-5. Once he graduated from high school from age 17, he went on to his local community college where he spent 2 years in college trying to get his business degree. The problem was that the educational system really lacked business fundamentals and never really found anything useful when it came to sales, marketing, and branding.

At age 20 Brandon dropped out of college and started his own business where he quickly started learning the world of e-commerce, online advertising, and digital marketing. From there he invested a lot of money in online courses, live training events, and investing in mentors who were already at the level of success where he wanted to achieve.

In 2017 Brandon started his online marketing agency Leadshark where he experimented with different industries helping local businesses get more customers predictably using online advertising. During this time he also experimented with one of the most competitive industries out there, Insurance. He knew that there was a massive need for agents to predictably get booked appointments with people who are already looking for insurance products. After learning more about the market, he quickly developed a unique system called the Policy Engine System that helps insurance agents pre-qualified booked final expense appointments without agents having to deal with lead vendors, dialing bad leads, or having to set the appointments themselves.

Using the Policy Engine System Brandon has figured out a way to help agents get 25-50 final expense appointments every single month so agents can spend more time selling in front of potential prospects. With this system, Brandon has made it extremely easy for agents to get in front of people already looking for insurance products and having agents just show up to those pre-qualified appointments to present their insurance products.

Using this system Brandon has been able to generate thousands of final expense leads and hundreds of qualified appointments for agents who want to quickly grow and scale their business. His system is perfect for any agent who is tired of dealing with bad leads/lead vendors, agents that are sick of having to spend 1-2 days manually setting their appointments, and agents who don’t want to manually do the follow-up, rescheduling, and dialing. Brandon has truly developed a unique solution to an already competitive market and it’s exciting to see what is in store for him as he builds his empire helping other agents grow their business.

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