Meet Alec Kesheshian: LA Fashion Entrepreneur

Alec Kesheshian is a fashion entrepreneur from LA who was inspired by his experiences while traveling the Amalfi Coast. While there, he became inspired to start his fashion line- God’s Dream.

He was also able to quickly build up a popular company through influencer marketing online by having access to a large audience through social media.

Fashion Designer at 16

Kesheshian stated that he first started God’s Dream when he was 16 years old. He made a hobby out of designing hoodies for his friends, but realized that his clothing had potential when his friends started promoting him.

They would later support his ideas by tagging him in photos where they were wearing clothing he designed- helping him build a larger audience on social media. Kesheshian recognized their support in becoming an influencer online and said that it has helped his clothing line succeed.

His Inspirations

Kesheshian’s lifestyle clothing company, God’s Dream, features designs stemming from man’s idealized utopia. Much of his inspiration also comes from other countries, such as Italy and Japan. 

While in Milan, Italy he had the opportunity to explore where some of the most recognized fashion lines came from. He was able to study the many high-quality patterns and textiles that Italy has to offer and started designing flats.

He was inspired to bring the styles of Italy back home to LA, find a production company, and create a lifestyle clothing line that anyone could enjoy. His fashion is comfortable and stylish, boasting unique and interesting designs that his following loves.

Kesheshian also stated that he enjoys traveling and views it as a privilege of life, since he gets to explore new places, learn new traditions, and see how other people live. Japan is one of his favorite countries to visit, as he feels that everyone there is kind and accepting towards him.

Pop Up Store Success

Kesheshian’s online store was doing well, but he wanted to open a retail location to convince people that his business should be taken seriously- and that it was more than just a random website someone threw together in a day.

From there, Kesheshian started the God’s Dream pop up store for the summer of 2019. His stock was sold out quicker than anyone could have imagined- everything he had prepared was sold within the first 2 months.

15% of the profits from his sales went to Armenian local charities that focused on funding after school programs for kids.


Alec Kekeshian is an LA-born fashion entrepreneur interested in learning from the rich designs and patterns of other cultures. Much of his inspiration for his brand’s lifestyle clothing line, God’s Dream, came from his time in Italy and Japan.

Upon returning to the states, he started his fashion line based on utopian notions, started a website to sell his clothing, and soon opened a pop up store in 2019. His clothing sold out quickly, with some of the profits being donated to Armenian after school programs.

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