Meet a Travel Connoisseur, a Style Mogul, and TV Personality ‘Lucas Raven’

Lucan Raven is known for his lavish and exciting travel experiences, a unique fashion sense, and a luxurious lifestyle. If it comes to travel, then there could not be a better inspiration for the travel junkies than Lucas, a well-dressed and polite man who believes in exploring every single place in the world. Lucas Raven has been to several countries and tourist places. It seems like his major goal is to explore every gem across the world and share his exciting and lavish travel experiences with travel lovers.

Traveling is a great mental and physical therapy that released negativity and stress from our minds. It is the best and exciting way to de-stress your mind. Imagine spending your life as a travel connoisseur and getting a golden opportunity to stay at 5-star hotels. Well, Lucas Raven gets to enjoy it all. He not only dreams of traveling to different cities and meeting cultural and interesting people, but he chases his dreams by turning them into reality. So far, he has traveled to many countries. He is an American-Filipino-Arab based traveler. At times, we wonder if there are actually some undiscovered places left for Raven. It would seem like this Fashionista has been to every luxurious place that we all have listed on our travel bucket list.

Lucan Raven – an Inspiration to Fashion Lovers and Travel Junkies

He shares his journeys and experiences in different countries in his travel column that is published in Esquire. Lucas Raven has been featured in many magazines and television shows. Not only for his travel experiences, but this all-rounder man is known for his unique and attractive style that inspires hundreds of thousands of men. He considers different cuisines, architects, buildings, specialties, people, traditions, and trends his inspirations. Different cultures followed across different cities and countries in the world inspire him to embrace a unique and dapper style.

The sole purpose of his life is to explore new places and share his travel experiences with his fans. He has more than a hundred and fourteen thousand followers on Instagram and thousands of followers on other social networking sites. He has built this organic audience by bringing joy and happiness in their lives. He has invested a significant amount of time and effort in building a huge fan base in the past few years.

He mostly prefers New and Lingwood brands. When asked about his most memorable trip, Lucas mentioned the trip to Nepal, in which, he spotted children going barefoot just to satisfy their thirst. He mentioned that this was the day when he decided not to take small things and happiness for granted. Currently, Lucas and thousands of other travel junkies have canceled all their travel plans at least until the world is free from the pandemic. He also expresses his next travel plans, which is the Virgin Galactic. To collect more information about Lucas Raven, follow him on Instagram at ‘Followtheraven’

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