Maximizing Your Credit Score in 2021 with Jose Rodriguez, The Credit Dude

Almost a year into the COVID-19 pandemic, millions of Americans are still out of work. People are scrambling to apply for unemployment checks week after week, and an estimated two-thirds of businesses put on temporary closures are looking to become permanent. 

As if that wasn’t enough to worry about, consumers are becoming anxious about their credit scores as well. Even with all the measures and the relief bill passed by congress, credit reports are negatively impacted and suffering still. 

Looking to make the best situation out of this horrible mess is credit expert and consultant Jose Rodriguez, otherwise known as The Credit Dude. With his help and strategic expertise, you can maximize your credit score even in the most uncertain of times.

But how did Jose get to be known as The Credit Dude? Jose grew up in Long Branch, New Jersey, and as soon as he finished High School, he decided to enlist in the Marines. Coming back home after serving his country for many years, Jose found himself in a bad credit situation. 

That’s about the time he made it his lifelong mission to help people who are struggling with their credit, and in 2010, he founded Clean Slate Credit Solution – “Got Credit?” in New Jersey, which over time grew to become one of the best companies at credit repair in the Tri-State area. .

Since then, Jose has been helping thousands of consumers achieve the creditworthiness they deserve, ultimately changing their lives for the better. Whether it was buying the home of their dreams, finally getting them approved for a shiny new car, or even removing negative items from their credit reports—he did it all, leaving a flawless and proven track record behind him.

A lot of these other companies charge regardless of what gets removed when fixing credit. On the other hand, Jose and his team seek payment only for what they actually remove. They do it because they want to ensure their clients that they’ve made considerable progress with results to back it up. “Got Credit?” also doesn’t charge recurring monthly fees or have one-time payments for enrolling their services, making them the most reliable credit repair companies in New Jersey.

Jose and “Got Credit?” also make it their top priority to educate their consumers on the importance of credit score. Did you know that even a 30 points increase can translate to thousands of dollars difference in interest? That’s the exact reason why they teach people that their credit score is one of the most, if not the most important three-digit number in their life. 

“It’s one thing to hire a company to fix your credit, and it’s another thing for that company to take the time and explain how your credit works so that you can then educate your friends and family,” – explains Jose. By doing things his way, the cycle of bad credit is not only broken, but the community as a whole gets empowered with knowledge capable of changing their lives.

If you need more tips on how to improve your credit score, make sure to follow Jose on his Instagram, or check out his website.

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