Master Instagram With These Awesome Growth Hacking Tips

Growth hacking leads to higher Google rankings, more Google searches, increased usage of one’s branded hashtag, and more engagement from the audience. Social media directly impacts SEO. Growth hackers are marketers, engineers, and product managers that specifically focus on building and engaging in the user base of a business.

One must first strategize before taking action in this area. The strength of Instagram lies in the numbers, so one should aim at increasing the number of followers. Content must generate genuine interest in people. The reach of the content should be wide. 

One should find a popular hashtag related to their content and follow the followers of that user. There should always be a continuous flow of good content or the user will lose followers. The user should find the right time to post the content which will give maximum result. Getting high number of likes also does the job of increasing growth. And people who wish to buy automatic Instagram likes, can visit this page to check some amazing services offered by FameOnInsta.

Using hashtags is another way. Hashtags are like keywords. Using lots of hashtags can help people find one’s content and a higher like-to-follower ratio. 5-10 hashtags are a good number for an interactive relation with the audience. For long-lasting results, sustainable and stimulating narratives should be created.

To give an exclusive experience is a tough task but that should be the target. The focus should be on differentiating the uniqueness of one’s content or brand from their competitors.

According to, micro-influencers also help to grow, so one should associate with them as well. They also have a hyper-engaged audience and are not costly like the major influencers. Micro-influencers are trusted sources of information. 

One should go for a brand-centric strategy than a product-centric strategy. Too much promotional content can reduce audience interaction and reaction. A branded hashtag can help to promote the brand.

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