Marketing Thought Leaders Thomas Herd & Dimetri Hogan Help Brands Become Digital Stars

The great Napoleon Hill- author of the classic Think and Grow Rich- once said “every adversity bears with it the seed of an equivalent opportunity.”

You may look at the current global pandemic caused by COVID-19 and ask yourself, what opportunity can coronavirus possibly entail?

It may not in every case, but in digital marketing a stupendous opportunity does exist.

In fact right now, due to the COVID-19 shut down, Instagram usage is up a whopping 75% now and Tik Tok has been downloaded over a billion times growing faster than any app in the world even Instagram.

According to Forbes Magazine’s columnist and lead expert on digital marketing Thomas Herd, there is no more pivotal time to become good at digital marketing.

As Thomas points out: “Given that digital is the only playing field now and only way to grow your business/personal brand, by getting our program started now you can flip this COVID “adversity” into an opportunity to put some serious distance between yourself and your competitors (who will likely stay immobile during the shutdown) enabling you to come out far on top.”

His deduction seems consistent with the data, as markets around the world shift towards e-commerce centric models as their sole lifeline.

However- the good news is that even within digital, many new potential revenue streams are emerging. For instance, the social media app Tik Tok has the potential to possibly become as major of a sales funnel for brands as Instagram and Facebook.

Dimetri Hogan- the CCO the leading digital marketing agency T1 Advertising and director of its new Tik Tok division is currently helping brands learn how Tik Tok works, understand why it has become such an important platform for the 13-30 year old demographic, and identify the recipe for building a teeming new audience and revenue stream on the app.

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