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Marisa Padilla was born and  raised in Denver Colorado, where she lives to this very day. An  international speaker, mindset guide for personal development and philanthropist. 

Marisa says “My hope in life is to encourage people to seek their passion, believe in themselves and not live under the unrealistic standard that we are defined by our mistakes but rather acknowledge that our mistakes are the necessary stepping stones to which builds our character, creates empathy, and expands our hearts and our minds. Through adversity is where wisdom and knowledge is born. We can either learn from them or continue to make the same decisions but with either choice you are choosing to live your life delivering your hardships as your message. It is necessary to understand yourself and dive deep into your journey to discover why the highs and the lows have you where you are today. One cannot fully take charge in life if not understanding why? As you read this. You must truly know that you are so incredibly special, your story matters and you matter more than you know. God makes no mistakes! You are the most beautiful masterpiece of all. I encourage you to start living a full life by digging deep within to uncover your purpose and understand the pain you’ve endured along the way in life is in no way easy, but it is all part of your story, your purpose and is the very message you can help others with a long the way. Nothing in life comes easy. nothing… but helping someone in life through your heartache, your pain, your adversity makes it all worth it.

As I share all of this with you it is extremely important to know that I manifested traveling to Ireland to speak and share the stage with 2 x TEDx speaker and dear friend Gary Doherty of Think Network & Be Seen PR.

If you spoke with me about this almost a year ago, you’d think “what a dream” this lady has. I say to you. I knew it was happening and funny enough I told Gary my dream and told him I’ll see you there! He witnessed my manifestation happen! March 31st, 2023, I will share the stage in Ireland (a dream location to visit) along with Gary and other speakers making a difference in the world!

From all the lessons in my life thus far I have learned the way to manifest my life’s dreams into my reality. We all have the gift inside of us. You were created uniquely, on purpose for a purpose! Some of us know how to manifest but most of us want to learn.

As living out my life and sharing my journey as a true testimony of trails, tribulations, and all that the mind can accomplish from that into manifesting my dreams into my reality it is now my responsibility to teach that if I can do it, you most certainly can!

Manifestations are the desires that burn deep within in which you know you are to be living out here in the world. You must understand that we are spiritual beings. The old saying the sky isn’t the limit is right! It isn’t, it is the mind. Whenever you say to yourself “this is my dream, and I will have this” and you know these words to be true coming  from your mind and your heart then it will happen. Period.

Your words are powerful my friends.  Your words are so powerful that if they do not match the mindset you have and your hearts desires, your manifesting will be delayed or will not happen because there is a hinderance that is blocking your true belief/desires coming to fruition and due to that alone it will not happen for you in the moment you claim it or ever if you do not seek the knowledge and understanding of what is blocking this from happening.

 I have learned how to get rid of the hinderance that will block manifestations from the spiritual realm entering into the physical realm.

I have 2 courses that I am launching that will give you the resources, guidance, and knowledge on how to manifest your burning desires into your life.

  1. 8-week course: 1 hour zoom once a week and private group to continue working, sharing ideas and thoughts on the assignments given to mentally challenge yourself.
  2. 12-week course: are 1 hour zoom once a week and private group to continue working, sharing ideas and thoughts on the assignments given to mentally challenge yourself. In addition to this course, you will have access to 4 deep dives lessons from the untouchables that are worldly known on how to build your legacy, give you key nuggets into manifesting and leave you with  the roadmap of how to do it as they have already done it.

“The two most important days of your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.”

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