Making a Difference Through Ink Work – The Inspiring Journey of Meet Mubashir Bashir Beigh

A tattoo is a type of alteration of the body that enables people to apply a design to their skin, mostly for aesthetic reasons but also to express personal, religious or political beliefs. A certain design is achieved by repeated injection of ink into the skin’s dermis layer, usually done with a tattoo machine. Thus the tattoo remains permanently in the skin, even though it changes slightly with time

Times are moving and it is more common now to see tattooed people in various professions, even those where you wouldn’t expect to see them a few years ago. Recent studies show that people no longer discriminate against people with visible tattoos and tattoo making is nowadays becoming a profitable career.

Success is said to hold the hand of those who trust in their dreams and know how to attain them. The guy who makes it a reality is Mubashir Bashir Beigh, the famous tattoo artist from heaven on Earth – Kashmir. He is a self-learned and self-made man who owns a studio in a trendy locality in Kashmir called Mubiis Tattoo Studio. Via a decent share of challenges and hardships, Mubashir Bashir Beigh has achieved the height of growth.

Mubashir comes from a modest background; awe-inspiring is his path to become a professional tattoo artist. His artistic talents were failing to reach the ends where he sought relief and warmth. As he grew up he began to work as a temporary tattoo artist, his talent was greatly admired everywhere he went, and everybody recommended trying a hand in the talent of a permanent tattoo.

Mubashir Bashir Beigh aka Mubii is without question the most famous name that comes across when it comes to tattoo artists in Kashmir. He is also known for his soft-spoken and ordered attitude aside from his expertise with the ink; his clients would agree. The tattoo artist, who has been in the business for over a few years now.

Mubashir is a famous tattoo artist. He is also a celebrity Tattoo artist who has inked many celebrities of the Bollywood & Sports Fraternity. Apart from tattoo services, he also gives advice to any ink art lover on the effective level and style. Mubashir’s evolution as a Tattoo artist has been massive. Though Mubashir with his brilliant art has amazed the art world, it is inspiring to realise that his talent has also rescued him from the wake of depression.


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