Maine building explosion leaves 1 firefighter dead, at least 6 injured, official says

On Monday morning, an explosion at the newly constructed Maine building lead to the death of a fire-fighter along with 6 other people that were injured during the incident. As per officials, this building is a source of support for the people affected with disabilities.

The building is located in Farmington which is about 70 miles towards north of the city of Portland. The premises were immediately evacuated as soon as someone smelled the presence of gas, says reports provided by Scott Landry, the local official. This explosion took place only after the fire-fighters had already reached the scene for investigation.

This particular building which was being used by the LEAP, has now reduced to nothing more than a heap of rubble. The organization was a non-profit establishment dedicated to serve the individuals with cognitive, intellectual, and developmental disabilities.

Post blast, the sound was heard for miles along. According to official reports, the blast took place somewhere around 8:30 a.m. Pictures and videos from the incident scene showed the debris raining upon buildings and homes located beside it.

Landry mentioned that the ones injured involved 4 fire-fighters, one ambulance worker, as well as one building employee.

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