It’s time to celebrate life! Of all occasions, birthdays are always special to us. At SUPER MAMA community, we believe that it’s an amazing opportunity to cherish your achievements, set new goals, and make unforgettable memories surrounded by your nearest and dearest. On this day, our super mom Lyubov Tsokolo, a co-owner, publisher, editor-in-chief, producer – and a mother of 3 children – celebrated her day of birth. It’s been 38 years full of happiness, visionary projects, and inspiration. Let’s dive into this magic environment and once again experience it together! 

Bringing the festivity to the next level, Lyubov Tsokolo and her family decided to prepare the celebration in Colombia. This is the homeland of her husband, Patrick Guye-Bergeret, who takes credit for arranging an exceptional event and preparing this unbelievable surprise. The main action took place in Cartagena, one of the most iconic places in the world, on May, 5-7. Just imagine: exotic vibes, narrow streets blooming with bright energy and vivid colors, romantic Spanish language around you, and everything seems so dreamy and relaxed. What a place to dance, eat, drink, swim, and enjoy with your loved ones! 

At SUPER MAMA Club, all events are one-of-a-kind, designed to create unique experiences. The birthday of Lyubov was no exception. In fact, it exceeded all expectations. The ceremony was organized with the highest attention to detail, much love and care. Personalized items, custom-made decorations, and fresh ideas matched the character of Lyubov and her lively personality. Besides, it was much more than just a gathering – the guests got indulged to three days of ongoing fun, positive emotions, and absolute joy. 

Birthday congratulations started on May 5 at the Welcome Party. Held on the terrace of Hotel Sofitel Legend Santa Clara, it was a very warm reunion with lots of news, gifts, and kind words to share. By the way, the family friends came from all over the world: Russia, Dubai, Colombia, The Bahamas, Switzerland, Canada – and counting! The environment was truly international and diverse, with every guest sparkling like a star on this grand occasion.   

The ceremony continued on May 6 at Charleston Santa Teresa and Baluarte San Francisco Javier with a themed White Party. By the way, this is one of the favorite colors of Lyubov. Minimalistic yet noble and elegant, it embodies the values of family traditions, purity, and life balance. The guests added up to boho dress code and chic ambiance with their splendid looks. Lyubov carefully planned her outfit as well, glowing in a breath-taking dress by a Russian designer Anastasia Zadorina @azadorina.  

Last but not least, the happening was concluded on May 7 with a beach party at Makani Beach Club. To have a lovely day by the sea, there’s no better place than Cartagena! Tropical sun-kissed mood married with a rich agenda and a festive spirit is the secret recipe of the best birthday party ever, right? Big thanks to Mr. Patrick Guye-Bergeret and the professional event team for organizing such a fairytale turned into real life!

We are sure that all wishes made on this day will come true. Wrapping it up, it was a time to remember! What’s coming up next? Stay tuned to Lyubov’s social media & follow SUPER MAMA community news.   

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