Lotto Game has a Minimum Jackpot of €2 Million

Lotto is similar to the lottery. It is a simple draw game, where one can draw seven numbers in each draw. Players can choose between 1-47, and they are allowed to choose a set of 6 + 1 numbers in one draw.

The cost of a two-panel draw is €4. And the price of one extra draw is €2. Lotto has a minimum Jackpot of €2 million, and it adds up from there if the Jackpot is not claimed.

You can play lotto here in three ways. One can play it by themselves and choose the numbers on the payslip. This way, you randomly select any numbers. Or you can play with Quick Pick numbers.

It means some numbers are randomly chosen for you. One can contact the National Lottery Agent if they want them to select the numbers.

Other than choosing the numbers themselves and quick pick, you can play Lotto online. A player can register for Lotto online, on their website. All they need to do is draw regularly, select a slip of numbers, and then check the numbers automatically checked for results.

There is also the option of Lotto Advance Play. In this option, the players can play a month’s of Lotto in advance. All they need to do is choose the Lotto Advance option.

While buying a ticket from an agent, players must be sure it is the ticket with the number they wanted. The draw days are every Wednesday and Saturday, and the draw can be seen live on RTÉ One at around 8 pm.

Tickets aren’t sold between 7:45 pm to 7:58 pm, and this is the time when the numbers are drawn. That’s why the terminals are closed.

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