Local Creators, the Influencer Marketing Startup Launched by the Digital Entrepreneur Stefano Cicchini

Digital Entrepreneur, Stefano Cicchini, has come up with his influencer marketing startup, Local Creators. It is an excellent platform for local businesses to connect with the best influencers from social networks to promote their business activities.

Stefano Cicchini is a travel & food influencer who collaborates with the major tourism boards of the world. Some names with which he has associated are Visit Finland, Visit Thailand, Polish National Tourist Board, VLC Valencia, This is Eindhoven, etc.

The influencer has the experience to work with popular brands such as Mercedez Benz, eBay, Toyota, Greenpeace, etc. Stefano Cicchini’s blog has been featured in many global magazines and blogs. His new startup, Local Creators, is beneficial for every influencer and every local business.

In a simple procedure, businesses can easily receive scouting of the best influencers which are selected by a team of experts. Local Creators provides a tailor-made service to businesses at an affordable price. For businesses, it is very easy to seek the best influencers through Local Creators in their local areas.

First, they have to select a service suitable for their business and then fill out the brief with information such as budget, target, campaign objective, etc. After the information is delivered via brief, the team of experts at Local Creators selects the best suitable creators available in a community throughout the country.

Then, local businesses can easily receive a detailed presentation from Local Creators and they can contact the influencer for seeking influencer marketing solutions. For an influencer, it is required to register on Local Creators to associate with local brands. After joining the community, an influencer can easily join a campaign to work for brands and build his strong profile.

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