Live Chat Sites for Adults Growing in Popularity

Nothing but a global pandemic could have led to my personal illumination on just how big the world of video chat for adults really was. Huge, actually. Buckle in for an interesting story about adult webcams…

First let me share with you how I came to learn what I am about to share. It all started when I was out for coffee with what I will refer to as that one guy from my college days.

You know the guy, at least most of us have that one semi-weird friend. In my case it was a guy who somehow got involved in, you know….more adult-natured entertainment.

We will call him Frank, anyway, he moved away after college and by the oddest luck ended up working for one of the largest adult cams companies on the planet. He is based in Limassol, Cyprus of all places now doing the analytics for an adult cam site.

Anyway, over a latte, I got an super-interesting education about adult entertainment and just most of the world has completely shifted towards adult webcams and video chat sites over traditional; shall we say adult entertainment.

Video Chat Brings Real Interaction

Boredom often leads one to get curious about what activities others are up to.

Am I right?

Then most of us have the tendency to run to the web to search for what we just got curious about. What awaits them in the arena of live chat and adult webcam sites continues to expand and blossom seemingly daily. There are roulette chat sites, sites like omegle, real life webcams, random chat sites, and cutting right through the center are the adult cam sites that serve as the profit centers in modern adult entertainment.

In doing further research for this topic I visited and was equally surprised to see there is such a lively amount of discussion and resources discussing features and differences between adult video chat sites.

Truth be told these so called cam girl sites are cannibalizing all areas of adult entertainment and bringing millions more into the fray at the same time. Call it, ‘dirty chat’ or whatever you like but it’s the biggest trend in perhaps the last 20 years since AOL chat rooms.

Who remembers that?

The Illusion of a Personal Intimate Connection

There is no arguing that people want to be involved in other social things and be part of a group or at least feel as if they have the attention of others. Typically this means getting the attention from people of the opposite sex.

That is just a given, right?

So it is this very real human motivation to be seen, be heard, and be connected that drives people in large numbers to live chat sites.

You have to be careful though, as I did my own research some of these stranger cam sites are seriously lacking in security while others like DirtyRoulette lack proper age verifications. Meanwhile other adult video chat sites like MyFreeCams say their services are free but they are nothing of the sort.

Video chat websites are also enjoying a massive rebirth during the global covid19 pandemic as well. However, this trend most definitely pre-dates this. Nevertheless, due in part to the fact that hundreds of millions of people are confined to their homes with more often than not, no companionship their turning to that which they can find on the internet.

Cam Chat a Huge Business

Would you believe that webcam chat sites aka as adult video chat drives some 1.5 billion dollars in annual sales. Most would be astonished by the sums of money that are being collectively spent on the web in the name of watching people on cam!

Video chatting is one of the most popular things to do for 20-something males on the internet. This fact has been a boon for liberal women looking to make money keeping those guys entertained.

We make no judgments around here, but my weekend coffee meeting was made that much more interesting with what I learned about adult video chat sites and adult entertainment as a whole.

After getting home and sharing this with my wife over dinner I even found out that in female circles cam sites are a big topic with lots of women working discreetly from home’ including my wifes old coworker who quit her job at a well known ad agency to be a nude model on Streamate. I later was reading about that site and discovered Streamate gets millions of visitors a day as well and is literally based in Seattle where I live.

Thank Frank the next time you are perusing webcam chat sites.

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