Lending a Helping Hand During a Crisis – Startup Fortune Supports Covid-19 Affected Startups and Small Business Owners

It is no secret that COVID-19 has had a negative effect on multiple industries around the globe. With non-essential stores having been closed for weeks (and in some locations months) and online stores being affected negatively due to the general population having less disposable income to spend, bouncing back can be a daunting thought. Thankfully, startups and niche businesses can reach a wider audience and make more sales thanks to Startup Fortune’s new marketing and PR service for small businesses, fronted by entrepreneur and branding strategist Mervik Haums.

Built by a team of expert entrepreneurs and startup advocates, the firm is offering a new PR and marketing service with Startup Fortune for those affected by COVID-19, to help them regain confidence in their business and get their sales and marketing campaigns back on track. Startup Fortune has been offering help and guidance to new businesses since 2018 when it was founded. Now, Haums is not only helping with business strategies, but also advising startups on their PR and marketing campaigns to help launch them back into business after the global pandemic.

During this crisis, many people must have had a business idea for years and during the lockdown one might have decided to take the plunge and turn their idea into a fully functioning business. Startup Fortune will provide them with the best PR and marketing strategy for their newly found passion to not only sell, but really stand out. Their expertise and results driven mindset makes for the perfect recipe to take one’s business from zero to one hundred. Not only will this prove good for business, but also can provide peace of mind knowing that the investment into their passion will get to positive results.

About Startup Fortune

Startup Fortune is a global PR, branding and consulting firm founded in 2018 by marketing specialist Mervik Haums. Startup Fortune focuses on helping startups and small businesses with their publicity, branding and growth hacking strategies.

More details about Startup Fortune can be found on their website. The platform can also be followed on their IG channel at: https://www.instagram.com/startupfortune

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