Learn From Real Estate Experts With The Real Estate Disruptors

Real estate is one of the most stable among all other forms of financial investment. Even the stability of large financial institutions is often assessed by the quantity and quality of their real estate assets. Despite the housing crash and resulting financial crisis of 2008 and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, property values continue to increase compared to 2019. According, to a survey on American investors done amidst the pandemic reveals that real estate remains at the top of investor trust and preference.

There are a multitude of reasons for such preferences. One of the most often-touted reasons is its ability to provide a passive source of income, either from rent revenues or the continued appreciation of land over time. This appreciation is another major reason, along with the gradual but consistent rise in property values over time as demand rises with the population and supply remains constant. Last but not least, real estate investors are often eligible for tax breaks and deductions due to costs of owning, operating, and managing their properties. Such deductions become highly significant as an investor’s real estate assets accumulate.

Although this industry’s financial position has remained relatively stable amidst the pandemic, recent events have still resulted in a short- and long-term paradigm shift for real estate. Global disruptions in logistics, supply and demand, and customer cultures and attitudes are expected to cause sweeping changes in how the real estate game should be played in the coming years. For neophyte, aspiring, and even established investors, real estate remains a highly promising market but one that now requires a greater ability to adapt to its rapidly-changing market. With the coming years treading new ground as the world enters the new post-pandemic period, any interested investor can have much to gain by using well-established and up-to-date networks and other sources of accurate information.

It is precisely this need that inspired renowned real estate advisor Ralph DiBugnara to establish The Real Estate Disruptors, an online network of expert investors and entrepreneurs that aims to teach real estate agents every minute detail of the industry. From real estate basics and lead generation sales tactics, to the cutting edge in social media-based personal branding, the network goes above and beyond to ensure that its members are well-rounded and suited to breaking new ground in the coming years.

From a financially-troubled blue-collar upbringing, Ralph DiBugnara also established The Real Estate Disruptors not only to inform but also to inspire aspiring real estate agents coming from all walks of life. Ralph aims to manifest this vision through the upcoming The Real Estate Disruptors online show, which will feature various stories from real estate players and entrepreneurs of different backgrounds. Some of the featured guests include HighKey Holdings’ Luke and Jordan Lintz, rapper-turned-entrepreneur Sickamore, and interior designer Vanessa DeLeon. Through their stories, Ralph hopes that any viewer will be able to pick up inspiration and concrete tactics from which they will be able to grow their own lives, businesses, brands, and communities.

The Real Estate Disruptors will feature the real stories of struggle and success of top real estate agents. Beyond this, it promises to be the first online series that will give an in-depth look at navigating the real estate market, going from the broad strokes to the specifics of how current circumstances are affecting and will affect the market in the near future.

On February 18th, 2021, the show will premiere on all major streaming platforms, including YouTube, Amazon Prime, Roku, Apple TV, and its own Disruptors Network app, which will be free of charge and will feature similar shows from The Disruptors Network. Episodes will be released on a weekly schedule with 8 episodes planned for the show’s first season.

You can find out more about The Real Estate Disruptors Network and their upcoming show by visiting their website or following them on Instagram at @therealestatedisruptors.

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