Laser Hair Removal in Florida Should Be Done Every 6 Weeks, Study Finds

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There are many of the small luxuries that we took for granted that are being missed now. With Covid-19 basically grinding the world to a halt, women (and men) have to do without treatments for body care such as laser hair removal.

Anyone who has ever gotten this kind of hair removal in Orlando or Jacksonville knows that you have to go regularly for the best results.

And according to laser hair removal expert, Christian Karavolas, you should be getting your treatments every six weeks.

When you get your removal treatment this regularly, you can expect permanent hair reduction. This is the reason hair removal treatments are so popular – who wouldn’t want to stop shaving for good?

So, what about people who have been forced by social distancing and lockdown rules in Jacksonville or Orlando to miss appointments?

Well, regrowth has certainly happened by now. But it shouldn’t be too bad and the missed laser hair removal sessions could be made up for.

Christian says it all depends on what stage you were in with your treatments.

For example, if you had only one treatment and had to stay away for about 16 weeks, the treatment’s results might be diminished, unfortunately.

Salons Opened Again

Many salons have been given the green light to open up again, which is great news for anyone who’s been feeling their hair slowly grow back.

You shouldn’t be surprised to need an extra session or two. Or, be prepared to come back with a higher frequency.

Many salons should be willing to make their spacings shorter to give them the best possible results.

Orlando laser hair removal offices are not hard to find and are priced by demand.  The top Dermatologists are usually pricier because of their heavy schedules.

Tips For Finding A Hair Removal Expert

By simply doing a quick internet search, you will find thousands of results for experts in hair removal.

The level of knowledge and experience that the names that pop up have can vary from absolute pro to zero.

Of course, the less experienced guys will be more ‘affordable’.

However, you should resist the temptation to choose the cheapest one to save a few bucks. While hair removal with lasers can be a bit expensive, it’s better to pay for expertise than walk away with skin problems.

When looking for a professional to help you get rid of unwanted hair, there are a few things you should look for. 

Keep an eye on their education, experience and knowledge. Someone who knows what their doing will likely have a proper website and might even be active on social media.

Be sure to check that the person promising smooth skin is certified by a reputable program. To get certification, a person needs to go through training.

If you go with one of the cheaper options, you could end up with burns, skin lightening and even scarring.

Don’t take risks with your health and rather pay the full price and have peace of mind as well as healthily glowing skin.  Want more common tips, simply read online [ more here ].


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