Landon Bonneville – Talk About Aces

Young athletes are more under the microscope than just in the spotlight these days, and are facing a lot of prejudice. Landon Bonneville breaks each and every of those and displays what professionalism can mean at a young age.

Sometimes young sporting individuals that are yet to make it into adulthood, face a few harsh stereotypes, but a young man like Landon Bonneville squashes all of those stereotypes and instead showcases how far some determination and hard work can really get you. He has not let predetermined opinions shape where he goes with career- wise.

Landon is only 17 years old, but already has lots of big-name sponsorship deals under his belt. He has also secured 3x Team-USA appearances, all before reaching adulthood! But that is not all, showcasing his creative side, he has customized shoes for David Wright and Michael Cuddyer! Along with all of this he has still made time for his other passion, music.

Landon has been studying as a sound engineer, hoping that this is something he can pursue further in the future. He made a shadow appearance when learning from Bastille’s sound engineer during their live shows.

Back to baseball as well as having the sponsorship deals clamouring to sign him up, he also has more than a million fans watching his latest movements throughout each of his social media channels. He is good at keeping his followers entertained and understands what a big part social media interaction plays in this day and age. But who is his role model who has led him to this position he now finds himself in? That would be MLB player Trevor Bauer who Landon models his game on. And whilst we are on the subject of the game, there is no doubt in this young lads mind that he will one day play a World Series game. And with the hard work and determination, along with great results that he has already shown at such an early part of his career, there is no reason why this dream won’t turn reality.

Motivation for his efforts can be found in his determination to make his family proud and reward them for their constant support. With his humble yet hungry attitude, Landon Bonneville is set to shine.

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